Tibet, a Shaman and the gift of a miracle

The Yogi Nectar Story

The Yogi Nectar story has its origins many thousands of years ago with a special culture that takes its roots from an ancient monastery in Tibet. The story of Yogi Nectar and its founders however, began in Tokyo, Japan.

Moving from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the Yogi Nectar family decided to learn about methods of holistic treatment to maintain their health. A friend of theirs, a Shaman from Moscow, shared his knowledge about Naturopathy, Ayurveda and home remedies. He also shared with them the live probiotic kefir culture that would soon change their lives.

When their daughter developed a severe skin condition for which traditional medicine offered no cure, they turned to the healing elements of their live probiotic kefir. Their daughters skin was healed within 10 days of applying it. This profound experience sparked a deep desire to share the benefits of the kefir. The Yogi Nectar products were borne out of their profound respect and reverence for the gift that was their daughters cure.

Since 2007 Edna Dafna, the founder of Yogi Nectar, has been learning to master the growth, and harness the power of the original live kefir probiotic culture, drawing from the wisdom of the Tibetan Monks, the original keepers of this potent probiotic live culture.

By preserving the ancient and traditional benefits through their custom built manufacturing processes, they have maintained the nutritional value of this culture.

The founders vision is to give what they have been given and share the knowledge and wisdom they have gained with the world so that all may flourish and live well.

The Secret Of Yogi Nectar

Ancient Medicine

The secret of Yogi Nectar lies in the unique water kefir used to carefully ferment each batch. First discovered by highland monks of Ancient Tibet who used it daily, the kefir has been clouded in mystery for thousands of years. Knowing the kefir to be special, the monks nurtured it lovingly and would gift it to visitors from far and wide.

Confirming the wisdom and intuition of its original masters, the special nature of the kefir is now known to be due to its probiotic content. And thankfully, it’s no longer necessary to travel great lengths to enjoy its wonderful benefits!